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Energizer wanted people to experience its new brand platform ‘that’s positivenergy’. Worldwide, they held Night Races to raise money for solar lights in remote villages. Our challenge was to target families and young professionals in countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait, where running outdoors in the 45°C summer would never work. How could we get them to feel the positive energy from batteries? Light Racer is the region’s first Kinect-based game, where people would become Mr Energizer and light up the world through toys, cameras, torches, etc. The Energizer batteries powered-up the gameplay giving more points and action to the game, to finally to share all the scores and and “in action” photo on Facebook.

More than 3,600 people played the game in 6 countries over 21 days, with nearly 40,000 spectators. Compared to the 3,004 pictures uploaded to Facebook, the number of fans went up from 608 to 51,597 within the same period. More importantly, the client confirmed the engagement level was above 50% at all times. Besides consumers, sales were moved as well. Distributors reported a rise in every single market and on the first day of the Kuwait launch, all Energizer batteries sold out.